Owning a Combi Boiler in Ashley Heath

Owning a Combi Boiler in Ashley Heath

You can have more room and less clutter to worry about without sacrificing the overall quality of the heating system.

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Combi/Combination Boiler

Combi boilers in Ashley Heath are one of the many types of boilers one could have installed to heat both their home and water. From the outside looking in they may seem rather intimidating, especially if you have no prior experience either working with or installing boilers. However, the process through which these boilers give off heat is not only quite simple, but extremely efficient as well.

If you are tossing around the idea of swapping out your old boiler for a new one, and have never used a combi boiler before it can help tremendously to know what the benefits are to having one. While all boilers do share the common purpose of providing heat, they do not all function exactly the same and can differ in their functionality, price, size and reliability.

Benefits of Owning a Combi Boiler

  • The main benefit of owning a combi boiler in Ashley Heath is that they are relentlessly reliable. In today’s day and age, we almost come to expect these conveniences and we really only recognise their value when they suddenly disappear.
  • Those who own a combi know that these boilers offer a steady and consistent source of heat, no matter what the temperature may be outside. Combi boilers, due to their compact and perfected design are also extremely durable and easy to use. Compared to other boilers, a combi will heat your water quickly and much more efficiently.
  • While other types of boilers require large storage tanks and cylinders that can take up unnecessary space in the home, a combi boiler takes up minimal space. This way, you can have more room and less clutter to worry about without sacrificing the overall quality of the heating system.
  • If you come to own a newer model of a combi boiler, you will also be able to enjoy a higher level of overall efficiency from the boiler. This means that the fuel you pay for will be used more efficiently, and save you money on your heating bills with our low combi boiler prices in Ashley Heath.

Drawbacks of Owning a Combi Boiler

  • While combi boilers are extremely efficient, they do require that the area of the home has a high mains pressure. The mains pressure is what can allow the technology of the combi boiler to function properly, so this is an absolute must for anyone considering getting one installed.
  • Combi boilers can also be an issue for a house with many people who plan on using hot water at the same time, as there is a very limiting hot water use. With any combi boiler, it is possible to run only one shower or bath at a time.
  • So if your household is on the larger end, this may be a factor that you wouldn’t want to overlook before making your purchase.
  • As mentioned before, combi boilers are known for their reliability and durability. However, one potential drawback could be if your boiler breaks down then you would be without both heat and hot water until the boiler was either fixed or replaced.

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