ECO Boiler Grants in Ashgrove

ECO Boiler Grants in Ashgrove

In order to qualify for a boiler grant, your current boiler must have at least an 86% in-efficiency rating.

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Boiler Grants in Ashgrove

In recent years concerns of increased emissions and carbon footprints have brought many changes to not only energy efficiency and the way in which energy is produced, but also to whom it is available. With these wave of changes, many people now qualify for grants which enable them access to some of the latest and most efficient boilers on the market. This swap is highly advantageous for the homeowner, as they can potentially save hundreds per year on their heating bills (depending on how old their previous boiler was).

These grants are made available in the UK by ECO, whose goal is to assist lower income households across the UK reduce their bills by giving them access to more energy-efficient ways of heating their homes and businesses in Ashgrove. If you qualify, you are not required to pay anything out of pocket, for things such as domestic boilers in Ashgrove. If this sounds like a great opportunity for any homeowner, that’s because it is. However, this programme will only continue until March of 2017. So, if you have been contemplating the purchase or replacement of a new boiler, now may be the time to act so you too can get yours absolutely free of charge.

What Do I Need to Know About ECO Boiler Grants?

  • While these grants can be extremely helpful, they are not available to everyone in Ashgrove. In order to qualify for the scheme, you must meet certain financial criteria. For example, in order to qualify, you must currently be paying at least 10 % of your annual income towards heating bills with your current system.
  • In order to qualify for a boiler grant, your current boiler must have at least an 86% in-efficiency rating. This rating is not something you would need to calculate, rather with the make and model of your boiler you can easily find out your percentage.
  • ECO has a set list of benefits that you must currently be receiving in order to qualify. As mentioned before, this grant is aimed at helping the most vulnerable households so these benefits are a good indicator of who is most in need. 
  • While the grant itself is free, you the homeowner would have to contribute a small portion to the new boiler. The remaining costs would all be picked up by the grant. 
  • As a homeowner, once you find that you meet the most basic requirements of the grant, the process of actually getting your new boiler is rather straight forward and geared to assisting you get set up as quickly as possible rather than messing around with unnecessary details.

If you are a homeowner or private tenant and you believe you may meet the more basic requirements above, it couldn’t hurt to check out these grants and iron out any remaining details to find out if you too could qualify and have your own new boiler brought to you and installed within just a few months. And remember that any questions regarding boiler maintenance, costs or replacements can be directly assisted by calling our excellent UK-Boiler staff at 1-800-1234-56789.

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