Out with the Old, In with the New

Out with the Old, In with the New

Our experts remain planted on the frontier as their knowledge and expertise has enabled us to help thousands get the heating system

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Domestic Boiler Costs

Domestic boilers are an efficient and safe way to ensure your household has all the hot water it needs at all times, as well as keeping the house at the right temperature. And while there are many options one could ponder when it comes to heating a house, our job at UK-Boiler is to leave you well informed and satisfied with our expert knowledge and customer service. So, whether you are a new home owner and have questions regarding domestic boiler costs or have used other heating systems in the past and are now looking for something more practical, simply let UK-Boiler do the heavy lifting and make this process easy and even fun for you and your whole family.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Today, with new technological advances within the realm of heating and condensing efficiency, one can heat their home and water with unprecedented levels of efficiency that would have been thought as impossible only a few years ago. Here at UK-Boiler, our experts remain planted on the frontier as their knowledge and expertise has enabled us to help thousands get the heating system right for them, and more importantly do so without breaking the bank and in some cases can be free boilers.

Figuring the Domestic Boiler Costs

Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter way to figure out the cost of a new boiler, as there are many things one must take into consideration. In general, there are two types of boilers, a regular boiler that comes equipped with a holding tank for the heated water and a combi boiler which heats up the water on demand and requires no tank.

What could determine whether or not you pay higher prices is if you will be keeping the same type of boiler you have currently, or switching from one boiler to another. (For example, switching from a regular boiler to a combi boiler.) This price differentiation actually has less to do with the boiler itself, and more with the work required to complete installation. Switching from one type of boiler to another often requires a lot of pipework and careful execution to complete the switch. Below are the going market value prices for either situation:

  • Combi to Combi / Regular to Regular: If you are planning to keep the same type of boiler and there are no major adjustments that need to be made, you can expect to pay roughly £1300 between the cost of the new boiler and installation.
  • Combi to Regular / Regular to Combi: Making the switch between boilers is going to run the bill a bit higher due to more pipework and a more arduous installation process. For this type of switch, you may expect the bill to run around £1800.

A Name You Can Trust

There are many companies out there that claim to have copious experience with boilers and installation, but are not certified. Not only is this illegal, it is highly dangerous for you and your family to leave this work to the unqualified. So do not even hesitate, let our licensed and experienced professionals at UK-Boiler surpass every expectation you have.